Our Story


When they met in 2020, Danika and Clarissa had spent a large portion of the last ten years committed to improving the health of families and children through their respective non-profits in New Zealand and Los Angeles. They found that, along with their strong connection to the land and to their Maori heritage, they shared a love for oat milk. But each of them found it harder and harder to stomach the environmental cost of their families’ growing “sustainable” milk habits as everyday heavy liquid was shipped around the world in difficult-to-recycle cartons. And for what? These milks are generally low in protein, high in sugar and industrial seed oils, and void of key nutrients.

They knew they could make something better, so they did!

Maker was born of the idea that the little things we do often make the biggest difference - that changing the way we consume something like milk can have a huge impact. Maker’s plant-based milk powder was crafted over many months in the duo’s kitchens from the highest-quality ingredients, each chosen with optimal health in mind.

Finally, a milk that really is better for you and the planet.