No Seed Oils

No Nuts

No Glyphosate

Nothing Artificial

No Dairy

No Gluten

  • Love It!

    So creamy, lots of flavor. So much better than store-bought and easier than homemade. Will continue ordering!

    - Darlene

  • Delicious!

    Quite honestly the most delicious oat milk I've ever had. My kids love it, I love it.


  • Can't live without it!

    So creamy. So delicious. Can make what I need when I need it instead of wondering how old the carton of oat or nut milk is in the fridge! Perfect for travel, or having in the cupboard for when you arrive home from a trip. I love it so much.

    - Crystal

  • Delicious!

    I was skeptical about powdered oat milk but intrigued - especially with these quality ingredients. I love it! The ease of use, taste and quality are amazing!

    - Libby

  • My new favorite add in.

    Maker Milk has quickly become my favorite add-in in the kitchen! I add it to my coffee, my oatmeal, or even drink it straight. SO GOOD. I find myself craving it when it's not nearby!

    - Caroline

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  • Lower Emissions

    No shipping of heavy liquid. Maker milk is 9x lighter than liquid milk by volume.

  • Less Packaging Waste

    Multilayered cartons are difficult to recycle and over 144 billion end up in landfills every year. Our pouches are part of the circular economy, made from post-consumer recycled materials.

  • Less Food Waste

    Make as much as you need whenever you want. No half cartons of milk down the drain.