We love our planet and the people on it. We built this brand for the health of both. As a climate and health-focused company Maker is on a mission to improve the nutritional profile of plant-based milk while reducing its negative environmental impact.

As a company, we value learning and growth deeply and invite you, our valued customers, to join us on the path to sustainability as partners. We aim to engage in open communication around the factors driving our actions and choices and to improve our practices as we strive to contribute to a healthier planet and healthier, happier people.

We strongly believe that our efforts as a company begin with our products. From the ingredients we choose to supply chain management, packaging selection, and how we ship everything from point A to B, we dedicate extensive time, thought, and effort. We actively seek out suppliers, manufacturers, partners, and advisors that share our vision and values. We know that our job has just begun and while our journey is still in its early stages we are committed to effecting positive change and advancing our environmental impact initiatives.

We are currently working on measuring our impact as we begin defining and implementing what meaningful change looks like for us. In the coming months we will be creating a clear roadmap that we'd love to share with you so please check back in here to see our progress.


Our milk is made from ORGANIC OATS grown in North America, free from glyphosate and other synthetic chemicals that are detrimental to our health and the health of the ecosystems in which they are grown. Organic farming practices emphasize soil health and fertility and enhance the nutrient content of the crops.

Our PROTEIN is UPCYCLED from cold-pressed, glyphosate-free, non-GMO rapeseeds, almost entirely eliminating the environmental footprint associated with its growth and production.


Liquid is heavy and shipping it around the world is accelerating climate change! It seems crazy to us that we're moving all this liquid around when we each have water in our own homes, on tap. By allowing you to add your own water, together, we are dramatically reducing the CO2 emissions created by our liquid milk consumption.

9 X

Maker milk powder is 9x lighter than liquid milk by volume. So just one truck of Maker yields the equivalent of 9 trucks of liquid milk.

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Our packaging is made of post-consumer recycled materials, supporting a circular economy and producing less landfill waste


Below are the environmental impacts measured for liquid dairy and dairy alternatives, based on freshwater usage and carbon emissions. They are based on meta-analysis food impact studies across the supply chain that include land use change, on-farm production, processing, transport, and packaging. Impacts measured per liter of milk.*

*Source: Poore, J.,& Nemececk, T (2018). Reducing food's environmental impact thorugh producers and consumers. Science.